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06. Micro Gams

If you think the idea of your child joining a GSA is scary or amoral, this is the episode for you! We won't validate those fears or quash your concerns. We just want you to know that this is your episode. The next episode is for bug chasers. 


We also talk about trains, art that kills, drugs, GLAMPing, LARPing, Racism, and probably some other things. 


Thanks for giving us a spin. We love all of you. Please let us know if we can do anything to provide you a better podcasting experience.  

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We did drinking and that was bad of us. Sorry for doing drinks.

We delve into the details of the "Nude Kidnapping", Bob Cox being removed from his driveway home, what REALLY goes on in a GSA, and delve into the run of  shows on the ALBERTA PODCAST NETWORK

I probably said something offensive and wrong. My bad.     

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We're talking about the race war, and you'll never guess who we're siding with!

Hockey cards, bank robbers, bad drivers, nude kidnappers, And a murder MOIST FOAL! 

Thanks for listening. We really appriciate you bearing with us as we learn how to cast pod.  

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Episodes 1 and 2 don't exist. This is Episode 1...or is it?!

A heroic wrestler, A violent McDonald's patron, A shock rocker gets knocked (around!), and other stuff.


Thank you for listening, Please share!   

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