The Only Podcast in Alberta

Welcome to Foreskins, the gay men's golf podcast, with your hosts Gwendolyn Prescott-Tate and Lloyd Blumfeld III.


Bring out the fine silverware and the white linen tablecloth for a delicious spread of comedy podcast, a rare medium well done.

49. Beet Brine

Happy 2019, The official Year of the Rat but also the Year of the Dog and later the Pig as well.


Leanne and Elaine from Sports are Gay and Stephen from Steven Tyler Book Club join Keifer for a nice time. It's fun to get together with friends to talk about current events.


We read the comments so you don't have to.

Say hello to the new bad boys of curling.

Baby names! Get your baby names here!

Never knew how much that Japanese boy meant to me.

42. Smocation

Who are your guys you fucked?

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