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25. Genesis II


Another quality episode of ALBERTA PODCAST delivered on budget and on time. Chris and Keifer reflect on some luminaries from past episodes and look ahead to the future. Start your own religion. Be your own cop.


This episode is like a cup of that delicious drink, coffee: energizing, but very dark. Baby talk, fake news, gun violence, letters from Lethbridge, and insulting the memory of our First World War dead; ALBERTA PODCAST is all chat and no prattle. Stay tuned after the episode for the continued adventures of Ed Whalen in Hell...


23. Lil Pumpjack

ALBERTA PODCAST is going down -- way down. This week Chris and the Dallison Boyz are bringing you audio drama, Alberta's wildest police chases, big money and bitcoin. Will Ed Whalen and 'Bulldog' Bob Brown escape the clutches of Jordan 666 Peterson? Will Chris make it to the Keg in time? The answers to these questions and more are not in this episode of ALBERTA PODCAST!!
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From Alberta to the world. From Saskatchewan to Sinaloa. This XXL-sized Alberta Podcast is packed with vital information, especially if you recently bought some cocaine in Saskatoon. We're kicking it down a notch with natural highs and gondola rides. It's 100% clean Christian improv comedy and it's more fun than cutting off your own balls with the sharp lid of a rusty can.


The more things change, the more they stay the same. We travel deep into the past with the Calgary Herald and to the not-too-distant future where Alberta is basically The Purge but real. Funiculars, gondolas, sword crime, plane ice, punji schemes, rock climbing and honest crooks abound.

20. Legacy Media


Chris and Keifer are back in the saddle, so to speak, and taking a special look today at magazines targeted at the modern Alberta cow-man, reviews of the pet store at the West Edmonton Mall that got closed down, and getting to the bottom (or the centre, or maybe the edges) of the Flat Earth conspiracy. And we never hesitate to ridicule Jason Kenney's physical appearance or alienate our Greek listeners. Hi! Hello!


Come knock on the door of the ALBERTA PODCAST speakeasy. On tap tonight: the inaugural Crime Rodeo, DNA reconstruction tech, bad cops, our fancyboy Prime Minister and ridculing surviving World War II veterans. Why put your money in your mattress when you can put it in videos about how white people are the real victims of racism? Chris 'Don Juan Ghermezian' Valentine and Keifer 'No-Nickname' Dallison seperate the fact from opinion. The password is 'Joop Cousteau.'

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It's another Chris Free Episode (CFE). Scott, Emily, and Greg join Keifer in the Alberta Studio to read some letters. Should we be allowed to shoot people if they're drunk? What will become of the big pipeline? Where should you go if you want to make out with boys in Cochrane? Is it actually cool and good to touch bears on the tummy? Is your space heater safe? What's the score? 

The answers to these questions and also some other cool stuff in this very special BONUS episode of Alberta Podcast!


Happy Lunar New Year to friends-of-the-show Chloe Kim and Margaret Cho. We're getting the droogs together for brunch with Frito-Lay and Pepsi-Co, taking a romantic chairlift ride, destroying the traditions of the Edmonton CFL team, shredding puppers, making an internal evacuation due to a noxious odour and ending the socialist NDP policy of performing abortions in gender-neutral bathrooms. Some of our jokes aren't jokes -- but hell, the speed limit signs in Okotoks aren't even speed limit signs. Don Drizzle, Cowboy Blan and Reeve Steeve Wikkerink guest-star.


This is a special emergency session of Alberta Podcast recorded live at an inter-provincial peace summit held in Vancouver, BC at the corporate headquarters of unserious "gaming" podcast Super Hopped-Up. For more information on Super Hopped-Up, do a Google search for that name. No other podcast comes up. Not like a certain someone we could name...

Harambe, Stephanie, Ed Whalen, 5'6" medieval combat enthusiast guys, public art, rowdy teens, corporate marijuana, beer choir, Eritrea, and an awesome story about quitting Scouts. Plus a special guest appearance from DJ Sabotage!
This is the full Ethiopian Joke.


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