The Only Podcast in Alberta

This is a gender studies Podcast. Wear headphones and turn this one WAY up.

Nik Gunt, Juan Too Die, Fuzzy Cupid, Denver Boot, a blood descendant of Ed Whalen and more.

One thumb up for another edition of ALBERTA PODCAST. 

34. Insensitive

It's hard out here for a content creator. Chris Valentine sings his way through a cavalcade of greatest hits of Alberta's finest songstresses. Some news is read along the way, and an emotional breakdown over the poor quality of the show is had.

I regret not saying "Nathan FILLion all of my holes!" in this episode. A fun interactive listening game is to find the moment when that joke would have worked and then yell it out to yourself. Podcasting comes alive.

This episode is brought to you by ABC's new dramatic series NOT FIREFLY 

I spoil the movie Billy Jack in this one. Watch Billy Jack. That's the guy on this week's cover image. 



Sorry Folks, Chris is back. 

What does k.d. Lang have in common with a bunch of rich guys? Who's the top elephant around here? Where can you see Nala Cat? What even is a mall? Who the fuck is Jason Aldean? Which one of these dang pedals is the brake?!?!!! The answers to these questions, and much more on this Alberta Podcast.

Join us for our exclusive interview with Kelly Pocha, The Racist Denny's Woman. 

Also in this episode: Brock, Steve, Hayden, and Danny all crowd into the studio to scream like goats and talk about Brock's mom. Let's go to the REAL Wendy's (the one in Vauxhall) so that we can get our blood sugar up before we use a shovel in a new and exciting way. We find out that only one man in Canada is strong enough to stand up to MS-13(SPOILER: it's NOT the Prime Minister). We get really freaky on Heroin Island and we tell a joke or two.   

Still no Chris. He's sleeping.

Chris isn't in this one either. It's just Hayden and Keifer sharing the old family secrets. Two brothers talking about piss. Sorry Mom and Dad.

Everyone gets a Positive Reinforcement Ticket for listening to this week's Alberta Podcast! Cry Havoc and get spinny in Edmonton. Call Poland and tell them that you're having a great time in the mountains. Protect your damn Garden. Find out how the automatic toilet works. 

Special thanks to our special guests Scott and Hayden. Hayden's Band is Timeboy

Outro: Bodies in The Wall by SNFU

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