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This season, Kindness is Power. Curl up with your favourite diabetic rapper and read Horny Uncle Remus to eachother while you split a Lumberjack Sub. Then, let him brand you, and light an animated GIF of a candle for all the ones we lost.


Keifer is joined by friends Jenna and Matt for an in depth discussion about West Edmonton Mall(WEM), the 8th wonder of the world! Shopping! Water-slides! Amusement Parks! Pirate Ships! Sea Life! Death! All this and much more in a very special BONUS Alberta Podcast!


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On the tenth ALBERTA PODCAST Chris and Keifer gave to you: R. vs Keegstra, guns and machetes, killer park rangers, VAAAAAAMPIRE FREEEEAKS, no combat sports, musical theatre, sperm out of balls and a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.


Astonishing but true tales from the Marlborough Mall, horse rustlers, creep catchers, Hezbollah veterans, unpopular Hart brothers, PLUS threats to your pets, being fair to Hehr and shopping with cops.


Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose... the Grey Cup. Sometimes you find a box full of drugs in the park. Sometimes your gears get jammed. Sometimes you get a great idea to revitalise Edmonton's river valley. And sometimes, just sometimes, history vindicates Rob Ford. Where's Nomi?


We're talking about diseases! We're talking about Peacocks! We're talking about Oil! We're chit-chatting and gib-gabbing until the cows come home. 


Thanks for listening as we work on our Out Loud Reading Skills.  


Outro: Changes (1988 Calgary Winter Olympics KooL Runnin' Remix) - 2pac (Chris Valentine)


06. Micro Gams


If you think the idea of your child joining a GSA is scary or amoral, this is the episode for you! We won't validate those fears or quash your concerns. We just want you to know that this is your episode. The next episode is for bug chasers. 


We also talk about trains, art that kills, drugs, GLAMPing, LARPing, Racism, and probably some other things. 


Thanks for giving us a spin. We love all of you. Please let us know if we can do anything to provide you a better podcasting experience.  


We did drinking and that was bad of us. Sorry for doing drinks.

We delve into the details of the "Nude Kidnapping", Bob Cox being removed from his driveway home, what REALLY goes on in a GSA, and delve into the run of  shows on the ALBERTA PODCAST NETWORK

I probably said something offensive and wrong. My bad.     


We're talking about the race war, and you'll never guess who we're siding with!

Hockey cards, bank robbers, bad drivers, nude kidnappers, And a murder MOIST FOAL! 

Thanks for listening. We really appriciate you bearing with us as we learn how to cast pod.  


Episodes 1 and 2 don't exist. This is Episode 1...or is it?!

A heroic wrestler, A violent McDonald's patron, A shock rocker gets knocked (around!), and other stuff.


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